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So you're interested in taking the dive down between your woman's legs. Quite an admirable interest as women are always complaining about never getting eaten out enough. Many cunnilingus newbies find the whole process confusing, whether from the smell, the taste, or not knowing their way around a women's vagina. It is a tricky process, but with enough practice the art can be mastered.

Before You Take The Dive Downtown

It is important to realize that most women are self conscious about their bodies, especially when it comes to their vaginas. So before you graze between their legs it is important to reassure the girl that you actually like what you're about to do (even if you don't). Women are more verbal than men in bed. It is important to let them know how beautiful you think they look/smell/taste. This will not only make them feel more comfortable, but will make the experience more enjoyable and allow them to reach orgasm faster.

Know What You're Getting Into

A woman's vagina is composed of several parts that you should be familiar with before you began.

  • Bush/Muff/Fur

The hair on her pelvis above the vagina. Some girls shave it, so it may or may not be there. It is not very sensitive but stroking it can increase anticipation during foreplay.

  • Outer Vaginal Lips

The part of her vagina you can see without 'opening' it. Usually the least sensitive part of the genitals.

  • Inner Vaginal Lips

More sensitive than the outer vaginal lips. Can easily be seen once the outer lips have been opened.

  • Clitoris (Clit)

The most sensitive part of a woman's genitals. They can come in all shapes and sizes but size does not affect a girls ability to orgasm. The clit is a small nub of skin located at the top of the slit where the inner lips join.

Getting It On

Now that you know the idea and the parts it is time to begin the actions. It is important to note from the beginning that all women are different and that noticing their feedback (moaning, motions, etc) will help you guide your actions. That said, here is a basic and general guide to the process of what should be done.

The Foreplay and Teasing

This is absolutely necessary, so don't skimp. That out of the way, foreplay is the difference between a great time and an ok time. In this part of the process you will tease her, build anticipation, and increase her sensitivity.

  • Do NOT start by touching her vagina. Gently kiss and stroke down her body, including her bush and inner thighs.
  • Get dangerously close to her vagina with your licking and kissing, but then move away again. Keep up this teasing.
  • Once you can tell she is getting more excited (by how wet she is or if she starts trying to hump your face), you can gently touch or kiss her outer lips along her slit. Do not part them yet.
  • Breathe deep hot air onto her slit. (Note: Do NOT "blow" into her vagina, like you would blow out a candle or blow up a balloon. This can cause severe damage to her waterworks)

Going in Deeper

Once she is very excited and is humping and begging for more you can go in further.

  • Do NOT pay attention to her clit yet.
  • Part her outer lips with your tongue and run your tongue up and down the layers of her pussy flesh.
  • Begin fucking her with your tongue, moving it in and out of her canal.

Continue with these actions until she is nearly crazy with lust. She will most likely be trying to pull your head up to her clit.

Finishing The Deed and Achieving Orgasm

It's time to move in for the finish, and by now you'll have her shuddering in no time.

  • Work your way licking up her slit until you can find her clit. It may be barely noticable depending on it's size, but licking in that area will make it rise or swell. When you hit it she will writhe with pleasure.
  • Gently pull her lips apart and flick her clit with your tongue. Be sure to notice what kind of response you get.
  • Suck on her clit lightly. Observe her reaction and adjust vigor/strength of suction accordingly.
  • Optionally, most women like to be finger-fucked during this process. Insert two fingers into her, slowly at first, then rythmically move them in and out of her. This increases her pleasure, giving her more stimulation than is possible with normal sex.

Continue and change up these actions accordingly based on her reactions to them. Once she nears orgasm she may push her pelvis up towards your face, go with her movements rather than fighting them. When she's really going crazy don't let up on her clit. Most women complain that their significant other stops too soon. Women can have multiple orgasms from this procedure too, so watch out for that as an extremely good indicator of your skill level.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Listen to her, pay attention to how she reacts to what you do, and by all means keep practicing. When/If you learn to do it correctly with your woman she'll never want to leave you because it's a skill only a few people truly have.

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