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Have an accident with the boyfriend last night? Not quite ready to pull on the arm of the fertility slot machine? The solution for you then is the Emergency Contraceptive pill. Many people have heard of EC, also known as the morning after pill, but quite a few don't have any idea where to get it. If you fall into this category or if you just like my particular brand of humor, then please read on.

Things you should know

There are a number of things that you should know before you go out and get yourself the morning after pill:

  1. Emergency Contraception is not an abortion. This is a common misconception but for those with moral objections it is an important difference. The EC pill will not work if you are already pregnant.
  2. You need to take the pill within 120 hours of your uh...problem. However, the sooner you get the pill the higher the probability is that it will be effective. The longer you wait, the more likely there will be a little version of you running around.
  3. You are going to be sick as hell. What you're doing when you take the EC pill is swallowing 2 to 4 birth control pills at once depending on the manufacturer and brand. See the planned parenthood website for recommended dosage. The hormone increase in some cases can be a major shock to your system which will cause vomiting, sweating and just about every other uncomfortable feeling possible. However, many women will feel mild bloating and dizziness for 24 hours. It's the drug companies way of making sure that you won't want to have sex again for a long time. The thing to remember though is that as sick as you'll get, its nothing compared to how you'll feel after an abortion or if you get pregnant, so just bite the bullet and do it now. (Just like any medicinal side effects, you may not experience any of these, but it is still good to be aware of what you may have to go through.)

How to get the pill

The best and probably cheapest place to find EC is at your local Planned Parenthood. Most towns have a clinic and the staff there is very professional. The price is based on a sliding economic scale it all depends on how much you make. To find a clinic near you check out Planned Parenthood's Clinic Locator. If you are afraid that the call will end up on your phone bill have a friend make the call for you, even if they are a couple of hundred miles away. When making the appointment be sure to be honest with them. Don't be embarrassed, they deal with this stuff every day and nothing you can say will surprise them. Head to the clinic and get your pill. You might need to get an exam, but if it's your first time you probably won't.

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