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To give a good facial the first thing you are going to need is a deep pore cleanser and a good sea weed wrap.... oh... wait you didn't want to give that kind of facial, did you?... ahem. So if you're not here to learn how to pamper your loved one you must be here to learn how to defile her/him. Well good choice, nothing can be more of a turn on then looking down on that person you care about so much and seeing their face covered in your man juice. There is not a whole lot to learning how to cover your lovers face in your own special brand of lotion but it is worth a read. After all, do you really want to have to explain to the ER doctor (or her parents) why she can't open her eye?

Get Off

The first step to giving a facial is a pretty obvious one, you have to orgasm. I know this is the best homework assignment you've had yet, but its true. For the uninitiated (and boy do I feel sorry for those people who came here expecting to learn how to give some kind of spa treatment) a facial involves having someone ejaculate onto your face. In order for that to happen they must first reach orgasm. This is where you have to make your first decision, how are you going to get off? There are obviously a few ways that you can accomplish this: Sex, a Blow job, Masturbation or a Hand Job. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, the best way to figure out what works for you is to experiment.


Sex is probably the worst way to get off in order to give a facial. In order to be able to pull it off you will need to have a lot of self control to be able to stop yourself, pull out, get to your partner's face, take off a condom if you're wearing one and unload, like you were a mobster and she/he had been talking to the feds. The only real advantage is that sex is fun for both of you, so your partner may be even more in the mood when you do let loose.

Blow Job

This is a very good way to start the facial. This is how you will most often see it done in porn as well: The guy who is going to give the facial gets blown for awhile and then just as he's about to finish he pulls out of her mouth and gets his partner messy. The only thing to be careful of when going this route is the position that you are in. If your partner is enthusiastic about the facial idea then this isn't probably as much of a problem because she or he can just pull off and hold him/her face there. However if you are sitting or lying down while your partner does the work, then you will not have very much control over what happens. To get more control have him or her blow you while sitting on the knees and you are standing up.

Masturbation/Hand Job

This gives you by far the most control of any of the methods. The only thing to be careful about here is that it might take you awhile to orgasm if your mind is preoccupied or nervous with anticipation over what you are about to do. Just try to relax and not think about it, unless thinking about it helps.

Watch the eyes

Okay, so you are on the verge of orgasming, you've pulled yourself out of your lovers mouth and you are ready to make your mother proud, what do you do? The first thing to do is make sure you cum. Depending on how you are sexually you may need to finish yourself off with your hand after he/she has stopped blowing you. Once you are sure that you are about to ejaculate get their head close to the tip of your penis. Not incredibly close but close enough that you won't be giving the floor a facial instead. It works best if your partner is at a lower position then your penis so that gravity can do its magic. Make sure that the receiver closes his/her eyes before you cum. Seriously, semen can be a little salty and the fun stops if you have to go to the hospital or spend 20 minutes holding his/her head in the sink to flush an eye out. If you have masturbated before, you should have an idea for what kind of range and aim you have. Be sure to factor the angle of your penis into everything, depending on how flexible you are you may have to break out the protractor and do some trig to figure out the right angle needed to hit where you want (just think about the fun moves you have to make while trying to piss with an erection). Hit the face with ejaculate wherever you see fit, but a good site is usually within distance of the tongue. That way, you can make your partner lick it off and swallow it, which is especially good if you are doing any kind of domination game.

To Ask or Not to Ask

At some point before going through with everything you are going to have to make the decision on whether to ask the person or not. It is definitely a good idea to ask, since a lot of people don't like the idea of having sperm trying to fertilize their nose. If you opt to go ahead without asking, the best way to do it is convince him/her to give you a blow job and just as your about to orgasm pull out and finish on the face which is still hovering a couple of inches above your penis. If you do this though, be prepared to run! You should also be prepared to not get any play for a long time. Keeping that idea in mind, choose wisely, young grasshopper.