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Groping some lovelies is usually just a small step on the way to a full female seduction. When rounding the bases, remember that if you screw this one up you're out. So with a little skill, some tact, and maybe some practice you can get this one down in no time.

Getting The Green Light

To begin, you want to make sure that you have adequate permissions to go for the fun bags. You can just go around groping all the breasts you see, and you certainly wouldn't want to (some are just old and saggy). On the flip side you can't just ask whomevers boobs you want to touch if you can go at it. The most common way to approach some good sweater meat squeezing is to make standard sexual progress:

  1. Engage your partner in a good makeout session.
  2. After a few moments making out, the hands start roaming over safe areas. Pay attention to her response.
  3. If response is good, move closer and closer to her chest (while hands are still roaming). Constantly gage her body language.
  4. If response is still good, move one hand only (at first) onto one of her breasts, on the outside of her clothes.
  5. If response is still good, begin fondling (see below).

Congratulations, you now have been given the green light to touch her there. Your progression is not over however, as now you must go for it under her shirt. While making out do the following:

  1. Sneak your hands up under her shirt, just barely touching her stomach. Caress her lightly on her stomach and lower back under her shirt.
  2. Work your hands upwards until your eventually cupping her breasts with one hand over her bra.
  3. After a few moments of over-the-bra touching, you can attempt to push the bra to the side and slip out the breast.
  4. At this point you're touching her bare boob, so you should progress to taking off her shirt and bra. See: Take Off a Bra.

Groping your partner's breast

After you've gotten her shirt off and are gazing at the girls you've got to have an idea of what to do with them. Remember, they're not mayonaise jars that you're trying to screw open. Just remember that the nipple is the most sensitive part of the breast, so treat it right.

Animal Lust

If the mood is one of animal lust, you can dig right in. Feel free to be a little rough (but not too rough). Cupping, squeezing, rubbing are all good- but no twisting unless requested. Some women really enjoy nipple pinching, but start out light and make it harder as needed.

Sensual Seduction

For this you must be a little more careful. Spend most of your time teasing and making her wait for it. Rub her stomach or her chest above her breasts softly first. Then caress her breast gently, from below or above. It is important to stay away from the nipple for as long as possible. One popular technique is to taunt her by circling your finger around the nipple. Subtle hints are key at this point for increasing excitment. Explain that you will continue circling until she forces you to touch her nipples. This can make the woman feel both more aroused and comfortable.

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