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Doggy style, in English also known as the "doggy position," "kitty style," "retrocopulation," or simply "rear entry;" in Latin as coitus more ferarum ("sex by the custom of beasts"); in the French language as levrette ("female Greyhound"); in the Italian language as pecorina ("little sheep"); in the Russian language as раком ("crayfish"); and in the Kama Sutra as "the Union of the Cow"; is a sex position. The name of the position refers to the position assumed by dogs when mating (although dogs, unlike most other mammals, actually spend most of their copulation with the partners standing tail to tail, facing in opposite directions; see canine copulation).

As seen in detailed sex guides, in the doggy position the receiving partner crouches on all fours with the legs slightly spread, while the penetrating partner penetrates the receiver vaginally or anally from behind, either using the penis or a strap-on dildo.

What is it

The man enters the woman from behind

If you have seen any video with two animals getting down, then you have an idea of what doggy style looks like. Doggy style allows for Stiff much deeper penetration then you get in Missionary position. This is because the vagina is in a different alignment than normal.

Doggy style is by far one of the most common sexual positions and should be a part of any couple's sexual toolbox.

How do you do it?

Doggy style is done by the woman getting on her hands and knees while the man enters her from behind. Typically he is on his knees while doing this.

What does he do?

The male starts out in a position directly behind the woman, usually on his knees, although it is possible that he can be standing up if she is on the bed. The male should find the vaginal opening and position his penis on the outside. Depending on how wet she is, the man should be able to determine how slow or fast he will enter her. Typical hand position is to hold on to her hips. This allows the male to pull her into as he thrusts which makes for a more enjoyable sexual experience. This position leaves the male's hands free for fondling breasts, or clitoral stimulation. This attention may reduce a woman's feeling of being treated as a sex object.

What does she do?

This is a position that will require a little bit of work at the beginning from the woman. The two things that she needs to work on are angle and position. Because the male's penis may not line up perfectly height-wise with her vagina she will need to either raise or lower herself to figure out how high or low she needs to be. Also she'll need to find the right angle of her hips to accomodate his penis so it doesn't fall out.

The woman can be bent over a bed.

If you have a smaller sized penis, it is more prone to falling out, so this may be a position that takes some practice.

Common Problems

The biggest problem with the doggy style position is that finding the right height and angle of the vagina can be difficult. With some practice and experience this usually goes away. The male has a tendency to reach orgasm faster because he is able to penetrate so deeply. This is not the most intimate position. Many women complain of feeling like a sexual object because of this, which detracts from their enjoyment of the act. An emotionally sensitive male may feel out of contact with her at times when having sex in this position. Many men may have the problem where they penetrate the anus instead of the vagina.This is a easy mistake to make, however make sure your partner knows that if it happens or you won't be back in that position again. The penis has to be large enough to fit into the depth of the vagina otherwise it may slip in and out


To reduce the problem of sliding/slipping apart over the course of sex, the woman can place her legs between the man's legs and then wrap her feet around his legs. This will keep the two as close as possible and keep the couple from sliding apart. To overcome the absence of intimacy, you may want to try lying down. The woman would be on her stomach, and the man's stomach would be against her back. In past experiences it doesn't make the woman feel degraded, and it allows you to easily lean in to kiss her, kiss her ear, etc. etc. Also, try to have her rhythmically tighten her butt/vaginal muscles as you go in and out, creating more pressure against your penis, and makes it have a slight vibration feeling.