Have Sex in the Female Superior (Woman on Top) Position

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What is it

This is the best kind of woman empowerment. All you need now is a saddle.

Saddle up there cowgirl, it's time to ride your man like the wild steed that he is. After all, why should the man be forced to do all the work while the woman just gets to just lie there? The female superior position is one of the staple positions in any couple's sexual repertoire. Many women prefer this position because it allows them to control how everything goes. Let's be honest, a man is going to orgasm no matter what is going on, for a woman to however it sometimes take a little bit extra work. This is perfect for that because she can make sure her clit gets stimulated, that the pace is right, etc.

This is also a good position for domination. By allowing the woman to be in such a position of power, she can dominate the man, whether he is tied up or just being overpowered. Another good way to use this position is just to mix things up when having sex missionary style. On a decent sized bed it is fairly easy just to roll over 180 degrees without even having to pull out.

How do you do it?

The woman on top position is done just the way it sounds like it is done, with the woman on top. The woman climbs on top of the male, inserts him into her and moves her hips in a variety of ways. While this is happening, if the couple can get the timing down then the male can thrust at the same time, which can lead to very deep and vigorous penetration.

There are two basic versions of the woman on top position. Either lying down like you would find in the missionary position or in the straddling position. While lying down provides for more of a face to face sexual experience, straddling allows for much deeper penetration and a much rougher session.

Because the male is not in control of the thrusting and has no easy way to stop it, under no circumstances should this position be attempted while using the pull out method of birth control. If you do this, you will become parents very quickly.

What does he do?

The main job of the male in this position is to just lie there. He should try to thrust with her in order to cause more stimulation, but this is not necessary and often times inadvisable for inexperienced couples. If the timing is not right, it will just result in him popping out a lot. The male should use his hands to grope the woman's breasts or play with her clit to further improve her experience.

What does she do?

Allows for an intimate experience.

The woman gets the bulk of the work in this position. In addition to having to get the angle of the hips right, she also needs to do the inserting and removing. There are two basic ways to do this. The woman moves her hips. This is best done in about the same fashion as when the male thrusts in to her. By doing this she'll change the orientation of the vagina which will cause the male to slide in and out. This causes a lot of friction so it will feel a lot better for both partners, although it will probably leave the woman a little sore afterwards. The woman sits up and lifts herself on and off her partner. The result is that she physically lifts herself off the penis and then sits back down on it. This way is more difficult as the woman will often rise too high and the penis will fall out. The advantage is that she is not as likely to be sore afterwards. The drawback is that if she isn't very well trained, her thigh muscles are. Caution should be taken for her not to sit back too hard on the penis when it does fall out, as getting it the wrong way could result in injury to a spongy body.

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