How to Give a Good Massage

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Many would agree that both getting and receiving a sexy, sensual, relaxing massage is an important part of any sexual relationship. It can be used for seduction, or for simply spicing up the bedroom action.

The Fundamentals of Invoking Passion in Your Partner:

  1. The number one most important aspect of a backrub is your personal hand condition. You don't want clammy cold hands, or hot sweaty paws. Take care to make sure your hands are in good condition before preceding.
  2. Be aware that massages are always more successful on bare skin than they are over bulky clothes or over that pesky bra clasp. If they're not comfortable enough to loosen up their attire, then inquire again after a few minutes of working your magic.
  3. Have your partner lay on a bed or soft area. Straddle them and kneel just over their butt and put your body weight into your massaging. Remember to read her body language, you don't want to be too rough or too easy.
  4. Start at the neck and shoulders, which are more of a neutral area and work your way down from there.