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The act of feltching can certainly spice up any sexual relationship, whether gay or straight (though it must include at least one man, sorry Lesbians). Be warned, it's not for everybody. Choosing to spontanesly feltch your partner could you leave them either grossed out or heavily aroused.

What is Felching

"Felch" is commonly not in most peoples vocabularies. It is a fetish that is not considered main stream, but is certainly easy enough to perform. Felching is simply the act of sucking spent male ejaculate out of an orifice of your partner.

The Play-By-Play

Felching is relatively straight forward, however as with anything you can always get better if you practice. Here are the steps for routine felching along with some ideas of how you can improve the experience.

  1. First have intercourse, either Vaginal or Anal.
  2. Immediately after the man has ejaculated into either the vagina or rectum the felching partner should get into position close to the orifice.
  3. Using the lips (with help from the tongue) or even a straw begin sucking the semen out of the orifice. If you find this difficult, your partner can always attempt to help push the semen out using either the PC muscle or attempting to force the semen out of their anus (be careful with this one).
  4. Usually the semen isn't swallowed right away. It's savored in the mouth or even shared orally with one of the other participants by means of a cumswap.

WARNING: Anuses are particularly dirty places and can lead to various illnesses including Ecoli. Be prepared to clean the anus properly before engaging in related sexual activity. Be aware that even attempting sexual antics with a clean anus can be risky.