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Since the function of the site is more subject-based than noun, it is appropriate to maintain a "glossary" of terms you need to know when discussing sex. This should also be a place for terms that do not have their own articles yet.



The opening into the uterus: it produces mucus that protects the uterus from pathogens, and at the peak of ovulation, thins and nourishes sperm. When sperm is deposited at the right time in a woman's cycle, the cervix will store and rejuvenate sperm on their way to the fallopian tubes for egg fertilization.

Cowper's Gland

A gland in the male reproductive tract that produces a cleansing agent, "pre-cum," to prepare the penis to release ejaculate.

Desensitizing Agents

Chemicals, such as Alcohol and Benzocaine, that numb the penis and delay ejaculation.


Microscopic single cell that is produced by female ovaries and fertilized by male sperm to produce embryos and pregnancy. Each egg cell contains half the chromosomes necessary for reproduction (a sperm cell contains the other half).


Substance produced by male or female sex organs during orgasm.


Produced via the penis during sexual stimulation: usually a substance from the Cowper's gland that makes the male tract less acidic and more favorable for sperm. This will slowly leak out and be rather clear in appearance.


Produced by a combination of substances from the Prostate gland, Cowper's gland, seminal vesicles, and testicular sperm. It is milky-white or yellow-stained in appearance, and comes out in mild orgasms as another form of pre-cum, or in orgasmic ejaculation. Sperm is protected by the semen for several minutes, after which it liquifies and the sperm attempt to seek out an egg.


What you blow out of your nose, lines your lungs, and produced by the vagina and cervix for cleansing and the nourishment of sperm.


A single sperm cell is a motile cell that is produced by testicles, and used to fertilize female eggs for the production of embryos and pregnancy. Each egg cell contains half the chromosomes necessary for reproduction (and each sperm cell contains the other half). Millions of sperm cells are released in each ejaculation.


An involuntary set of muscle spasms that cause the groin to contract: in the male, this causes male ejaculation; in the female, this will cause the vagina to grasp any object or penis present, and may also produce female ejaculate.

Parauthreal Glands

Also called "Skene's Glands," they line the female urinary tract and release an ejaculate in some women.

Prostate Gland

Advised to be regularly checked in males over age 40 for cancer (the infamous rectal/digital exam), it produces the bulk of male ejaculate and nourishes sperm.

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