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So you've mastered the art of the blow job and now your wondering, what else can I do with my mouth? Well, there are a lot of things, but none is more impressive then the exciting, yet satisfying, talent of being able to deep throat. Now I know your excited, but don't run out there just yet, deep throating is not quite as easy as you would think. But have not fear, by the end of this article you'll be impressing friends and relatives at parties with your new skill, as you shove random things a disturbingly far way down your throat.

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice. For the uninitiated, the act of deep throating someone involves taking a penis in as far as it will go. Most of the time this means into the throat. As you can imagine, this is something your body is not designed to do. After a certain point, your all too familiar gag reflexes will kick in. For those who have given a blow job before, odds are you know the ones I am talking about. Deep throating involves sliding the penis past that point where you felt like you were going to puke.

Because of this it is necessary to take it some what slow. It will likely not take you a year or even more then a couple of weeks to get your body and your throat able to do this, however it will not be over night. You need to be patient with yourself and remember that it will take a little time. Take it slow and keep at it, you'll get there eventually.

Position is Key

One of the keys to deep throating is being in the correct position. In order for the penis to be able to slide into the throat with ease, the neck must be straight with respect to the mouth. This means that it should be a straight shot from the entrance of the mouth all the way down through the throat. Think of it this way, you are trying to stick a penis through your mouth and into a little bit of your throat. The penis does not bend real well, so if there is an obstruction, say, the back of your head, then the fun is going to stop there.

Tilt your head back till you feel that straight line between the throat and the mouth form. This can be with you on your back, bending over, standing up, whatever works best for you. Next, stick your tongue out slightly. Don't stick it out like you would if you were being immature on the middle school play ground. Rather try and emulate how you would do it when you're at the doctor's and he uses a tongue depressor to look down your throat. This is necessary for a couple of reasons:

  1. It opens the back of your throat up more. This is important because it provides more room between the bottom of your throat and your uvula (the little hangy ball in the back of your throat). This will make a difference when it comes to your gag reflex.
  2. Teeth. Remember, even though your concentracting on deep throating, you have to be careful of your teeth. It may be fun to have the head of his penis in your throat, but the ride will come to a screeching halt if you bite or hurt him. Use your tongue to protect his penis.

In You Go

This is where patience is going to come into play. It is necessary to work on getting rid of your gag reflex. To do so you will first need to make sure the penis is slightly lubricated. The best and most enjoyable way to do this is just give him a blow job for a minute or two. Once you feel that he is good and slippery, get into position. Then, slowly begin to take the penis into your mouth. This is best done in one of two ways. If the position you are in allows you to do so, you should be the one who does the work. If not, have him slowly push into you. Make sure that you have some kind of sign worked out in advance letting him know when to stop if you are going to do it this way. Since you can't speak, a good way would be to grip or slap his thigh or something of that nature. Continue to slide the penis in until you start to feel your gag reflexes kick in. Once they do, hold the penis in position for as long as you possibly can. Think of it like doing stretches in the morning. You want to hold it until you don't think you can take it any more, then take the penis out. That is all there really is to it. Pratice this step over and over again. Don't try it too many times in the same day or you might start to feel sick, but keep it up. Eventually you will be able to slide it in farther and farther until you have managed to completely overpower your gag reflexes and you can take it all the way in.

Resistance is Futile

Once you get to the point of sliding it in to the throat, you may feel a bit of resistance. This is nothing to be worried about. At this point you just need to use a little bit more force to get it in the rest of the way. If you get to this point and you feel the gag reflex kick in again, stick your tongue out a little farther and then pull it back in, bringing the penis along with it.