Live the single life

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When you're old and married, you'll want to relive your single experiences. So how do you get them? Here are a few things that will help:

  • Live on your own: this is one of the most important things that can help you get laid. No annoying room mates, you can bring back women at any time of the day or night
  • Have voicemail rather than an answering machine: if you're seeing more than one person at a time, having them listen in when you play your messages can be stressful.
  • Keep your bachelor pad tidy: you never know when you're going to bring someone home. Women are naturally tidier than men, and they appreciate cleanliness as well. You should be cleaning your dishes (ideally) daily, the bathroom and toilet weekly.

Keep a mental wishlist of things you'd like to do, such as:

  • Have sex with 2 different women in the same day
  • Have a threesome
  • Have a one night stand

Living the bachelor life can be expensive. Don't expect to be saving much money when you're on the prowl a lot of the time.