Make the First Phone Call

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The First Phone Call

So you have asked someone for their phone number and they gave it to you, now what to do next? Simple, but make sure to follow these steps carefully for a good first impression. The first part of any relationship is the "feel out" stage, which is exactly what your first phone conversation with a significant other will be. Make sure you ask for a proper time to call, the last thing you need is a terrible first impression calling someone at an inappropriate time of the day/night and starting off on the wrong foot.

All Phone Calls Are Not Created Equal

It is generally important to try and follow these guidelines during a first phone conversation, remember, first impressions are key, even if they are on the phone.

  1. ALWAYS when calling for the first time, ask whoever picks up if "Insert name here", is there. Even if you know it is his/her voice, don't make an ass out of yourself by assuming it is them, it sounds simple, but remember, your going for a stellar first impression, caution is necessary.
  2. Make sure to start off with something very basic and simple, such as "Oh Hi, how are you?", or "How was your day"? The goal is to make the conversation start flowing, not stagnate. Keep the first part of the conversation simple.
  3. Make sure, at all costs, to think about what you are going to talk about before you call. Make sure you have picked up subtle things like: What he/she likes to wear, what he/she likes to do, how they spend their time, etc. This makes it way easier to continue a conversation. The last thing you want during this first conversation is long pauses, awkward moments, or stalling conversations.
  4. If you asked for a number on a whim, because someone was simply good looking, be OBSERVANT. Likely you will know nothing about the person, and unless they are out for just sex (which at that point the conversation does not matter) you will have no chance with them if the brunt of your conversation is "Yeah your do it?"
  5. Most importantly: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Your not trying to get to know everything about them in one day, you want to get to know basics, understand what they like, their personality, and hopefully make plans for a later date.

Final Notes

The importance of a good first phone conversation is the foundation to your relationship if you want to pursue one later. If you screw up a first impression, it is something that will likely cause you to not get a date or even a call back. Remember, be yourself, keep calm, keep it simple, and keep the conversation going!