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MILF is an acronym that stands for "Mother I Like to Fuck". The term originated sometime in the 1990s and became a popular term used by adult websites to describe attractive women in their late twenties, thirties and older that enjoy promiscuous sex with younger men. The term became so widespread amongst the subculture that it has broken into the mainstream culture (such as in the movie "American Pie").

The First Step

MILFs can be found in everyday circumstances, such as in shopping malls, grocery stores or walking their dog in the park. These women tend to dress younger than their age and also more provocatively than their more conservative counterparts, wearing short skirts, low blouses, high heels and flashy jewelry, usually from above-average stores. They also may be at the local gym working out, picking up or dropping off their kids (soccer moms) or hanging out with their friends at a coffee shop. They embody youth in their mannerisms and accoutrements, such as driving a sports car, listening to pop music and being hip to the latest fads and fashions.

Identifying and successfully approaching a MILF is key in eventually becoming intimate with her. While MILFs may be attracted to displays of wealth or a good-looking younger man, do not make the mistake of treating a MILF as if she were a younger, more inexperienced woman that is just entering the dating scene. Because of their considerable dating experience, a MILF will likely not tolerate a younger man displaying a false sense of bravado or being overly aggressive and will likely shut you down before you can make your second move. Instead, the art of seduction should be used when trying to woo a MILF. Engage her mind first by making conversation. Pick up subtle clues from where she is (example in a grocery store: "Excuse me, I'm trying to put together a surprise dinner for a friend and I was wondering if you could pick your brain about what you would enjoy...") When she starts to talk to you, give her your full attention. Maintain eye contact, smile and don't be afraid to take charge of the conversation if you can. Most MILFs love a confident, take charge man - and if he's younger and good-looking, all the better.

Begin to end the conversation and see how she reacts. If it seems that she's interested in you, now is the time to ask for her contact information, a phone number or email address. Promise to call her and walk away. Don't contact her immediately but instead let a day or two pass, allowing her to build anticipation and add mystery to this handsome stranger that she just met. If she's given you valid contact information she's interested - there's nothing more that a MILF likes than a nice piece of boy-toy candy for her to suck on.

On a Date

After arranging a date, meet her freshly shaven or groomed and in upper-class casual street clothing or a dress jacket, slacks and shirt. Do not wear a tie - think George Clooney from "Ocean's 11" and you're on the right track. Take her to a restaurant that has a cozy, comfortable atmosphere for couples, such as a jazz bar or upscale restaurant. Don't take her to a place where you won't be talking with her, such as a movie theater. As you did in your first meeting, engage in conversation. Ask her more details about what she does for a living, what she likes to do for fun. You may be surprised that MILFs are much more versed in popular culture than you may have thought. You may even wind up swapping notes on what's in your iPod. But don't forget the reason why you're here: remember to lock eyes with her, smile, compliment her on her dress or hair. If she responds (which is likely), advance it to the next level by flirting openly with her but in a sophisticate manner (example: ask her what she thinks is the sexiest thing a man can do or wear.)

Taking It to the Next Level

All MILFs aren't the same. Some are more sexually aggressive and may pursue you rather than the other way around. If that's the case, you're home free you lucky dog! If your MILF is a little more reserved, don't worry that she's not interested in having sex with you - she wouldn't be here right now if she didn't find you sexually enticing. Instead, show her that when she is with you she will always be having a good time. The mental approach to romancing a MILF is just as important as the physical nature of the chase - and they do love being chased.

Once dinner is over suggest that you go for drinks. If your MILF is more of a high energy type, take her to a club frequented by 20-year-olds like a dance club; it will subconsciously reinforce that she is a young woman with you. You should be starting to see signs that your MILF is interested in taking things to the next level; she should be touching you, flirting back, maybe by now you may have even kissed her or alluded to more intimate moments as the night progresses. Respond back but don't forget that less is more; don't grope her unless she is very aggressive physically with you first. Remember, MILFs have already gone through the awkwardness of dating and know what they want so sex doesn't need to be addressed in an up-front manner (unless she is the one that brings it up first!)

Sealing the Deal

Don't leave things run too late. After enjoying yourselves at a club or with after-dinner drinks, bring up the subject of how the evening is going. If you've followed the directions successfully she should respond enthusiastically. Ask her what her plans are for getting home. If she doesn't come right out and say a specific time and seems to avoid when to end the date, you're home free. Have one or two more dances/drinks and then offer to take her home. If she will have arranged babysitting she may not want to go back to her place and you should be prepared to take her back to your place. (Clean it up before you're unlocking your door with your date!) If she lets you take her back home be prepared for her to dismiss her babysitter and then the rest of the night is yours.

Congratulations! You have learned the basics on how to pick up a MILF! Happy hunting!