Say Things That Men Hate In Bed

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IF YOU ARE a lady and you're in bed with a man, you've got to mind your tongue. Men don't want to hear such phrases and saying them could jeopardize the relationship. Below are some phrases men hate to hear in bed:

[1] Your penis is too small

Even if it is true, don't even joke about it or make insinuations. He is going to end the relationship as his ego has been badly wound. If he doesn't do that immediately, he is going to trust you like a fox. He would assume that you are already sleeping around with more endowed men.

[2] We need to talk

This is one statement or expression men don't want to hear in bed. It puts off a man because he knows you want to accuse him of something, blame him for something or make some difficult demand on him. Coming at a time when he is looking forward to having fun, it is like a distraction and a deliberate one for that matter when you introduce this expression.

[3] If you loved me you would ...

If you think men are not emotional, you got it wrong. Men could be emotional especially when certain words are uttered to them. Telling a man he doesn't love and if he loved you, he would have done so and so; is emotionally hurting to a lot of men especially if he really loved the woman. Perhaps this expression could be said some other time but not when you are in bed making love.

[4] My parents want to have a word with you in private about ...

Every bachelor dreads that expression and the bed is about the worst place for you to say it. A man dreads that expression because he expects your parents to read a riot act to him. Perhaps an ultimatum to marry you with immediate effect or to query him for one thing or the other.

[5] I'm not fertile forever, you know

Ladies who are frantically searching for a baby are fond of saying this. It's more of indictment: "Do something because my biological clock is ticking away. I'm not going to be fertile forever." It is a statement that spoils the fun in the bedroom.