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Taking off your lover's bra is a trick that can either enhance and amaze, or completely ruin the sexual moment. If you struggle with getting the bra off, she will know that you're new to the procedure and may or may not think less of you. It is therefore important to be able to take a bra off smoothly and stealthily.

How Bras Work

Bras are crazy contraptions designed to securely support a woman's breasts in place. They are not meant to come off easy, much to many a man's dismay. With a proper understanding of how these bras work, they can be easily defeated by a practiced veteran.

Back Clasping Bras

Back clasping bras are the most common, and therefore you should always proceed there first. These are the most difficult also, as you can't see what you're doing. The fastening system consists of 2 to 3 clasps, which have hooks on one side that 'hook' through eyelets on the other side. To unclasp it, you must pull the hooks out of the eyelets. There are several ways to do so.

Two Handed Method

If you have two hands available behind the woman, taking the bra off becomes rather trivial. Simply grasp each side of the clasp with one of your hands, then push both of your hands towards each other. This will force the hooks out of the eyelets and allow the bra to be removed further.

The One Handed Method

The one handed method is a great deal more complicated than the two handed method, but it is often required as only one hand will be available behind the woman's back. It is known from the two handed removal method that unhooking the bra requires pulling the hooks out of the eyelets. Therefore to accomplish this with one hand, you will have to emulate the two handed method. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Reach one hand behind her, assuming that you're facing her.
  2. Slide the index finger between her skin and the bra, from the top down, with the index fingers nail side facing her skin.
  3. Use the index finger to pull her bra away from her skin, creating a small gap between her and the bra.
  4. Use the middle finger and the thumb to squeeze the two outer segments of the bra inwards into a pinch- filling the gap made with the index finger. Once in the pinch you can remove your index finger from its position.
  5. Now that you're pinching her bra together near the clasp, use a snapping motion (thumb moves outwards, middle finger moves inwards). This snapping motion will pull the hooks out of the eyelets if done close enough to the clasp.
  6. Make sure to practice this method, as it is difficult and rather complicated. Once you're experienced it should work every time! Be aware that this is a lot easier for "small chested" women ... ladies with significant bust tend to have their bras done up tight ... to support their breastly mass ... which makes this rather difficult (although still possible).

Front Clasping Bras

Front clasping bras aren't as tricky to undo, but they are more difficult to identify since you usually go for the back hooks first. Also front clasping bras can't be removed as stealthily since they're right in front of the both of you. The fastening system in these types of bras vary. A common system involves a rectangular plastic piece which is designed to fit through a eyelet one way when twisted, but not fit back through when untwisted. Here are the steps to removing one of these types of bras.

Two Handed Method

Usually both hands are available in front of the body, so the two handed method is the most common. The steps are fairly simple once you are aware of how the system works.

  1. Grab the eyelet side with your left hand close to the clasp and the square hook side with your right.
  2. Pull your hands slightly towards each other, which will dislatch the clasp from its seated position (this prepares the clasp for being disengaged).
  3. Twist the square hook side (right hand) 90 degrees. This will now allow the hook side to fit through the eyelet side.
  4. Withdraw the hook through the eyelet, and you've successfully gained access to the goods!

One Handed Method

Front clasping bras require the wearer to pull the bra around her back and combine the clasp while holding the pieces away from her body - we will reverse-engineer this method. Generally, the right hand side of the clasp is inserted into the top of the left side and is locked as "nature" pulls the sides apart (flattening the clasp against her chest). With practice, this method can be performed on your unsuspecting subject in under 2 seconds.

  1. With your subject standing in front of you, grab the clasp using three fingers with your thumb on one side of the clasp, index finger behind the clasp, and your middle finger on the side opposite your thumb.
  2. Curl your middle finger back between your thumb and middle finger, this should pull the clasp into its open "V" position. (Note: you may want to squeeze your thumb and middle finger toward each other to aid the process.)
  3. Turn your hand to pop the sides of the clasp free. (Depending on which side inserts into the other, you may have to twist your hand either clockwise or counter-clockwise)

No Handed Method

Give her a good strong hug to release pressure on the eyelet, and while still hugging, tip her slightly to one side. The tipping motion will usually unhook the bra. The trick is knowing the side the hook is on.