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Anal Beads are an old favorite amoung the sexually experienced. Used by both males and females, anal beads are used to enhance orgasmic pleasure. If you're a new comer to anal play, you may want to start out by reading how to use butt plugs.

What Are Anal Beads

Anal Beads are simply a set of large beads on a string. They are inserted anally, then pulled out to enhance orgasmic pleasure by stimulating the sphincter muscle. These beads can come in many different lengths, sizes, and materials. They usually have a ring for easy extraction. Here are some guidelines for your first anal bead experience:

  • Use small beads for your first time. Work your way up to larger ones, especially if you're new to anal play. It is also possible to buy graduated beads (beads that increase in size). These are great for beginners to see how large they can go.
  • Get quality beads cast fully out of one material (vinyl, silicone, rubber or jelly). This will be easier to clean than simple beads on a string.
  • Use plenty of Astroglide lube, or other water based lubricant.

It's Go Time

If you an unaccustomed to inserting things rectally, you will need to do quite a bit of prep work before being able to use anal beads.

Things You'll Need

  • A set of clean Anal Beads
  • A water based lubricant; Astroglide is a favorite
  • A finger with a well groomed nail
  • Lots of Privacy

Learning by Experience

Well now that you've got what you need it's time to get down to business. Here are the steps needed to have a pleasurable experience with anal beads.

  1. Get yourself very sexually aroused. However you want to do it is fine, but be sure to get in a position where you have access to your anus.
  2. Lube up your finger and gently touch and tap your rectum. Observe how it feels and attempt to relax your muslces so that penetration will not be painful.
  3. Begin slowly inserting your finger past your anal sphincter. It will meet with resistance, so be sure to do it slowly and with lots of lube. Once inside do whatever feels good to you- pulling in and out, or around in circling motions.
  4. Now that you're loosend up, you're ready to start using your new anal beads. Lube them up good with the astroglide, and begin inserting them slowly one by one. Try only a few at first and gradually work up to more. If your set doesn't have an extraction ring, be sure to always leave one bead outside of you. This will ensure they doesn't 'get away' from you. Finish getting as many inside you as feels comfortable.
  5. You may want to pull them out now slowly to get used to the feeling, but this is not commonly the way they are used.

What to Do Once They're Inside You

Once you have the anal beads inside you, you should go about bringing yourself to orgasm. Either by sexual intercourse, masturbation, or some other means. Once you feel yourself reaching orgasm, start to pull the beads out one by one. The stimulation on your sphincter, will send 'shock waves' of pleasure enhancing your orgasm.

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