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What is WikiAfterDark?

WikiAfterDark is a community driven internet collection of sex-related how-to articles, mainly written by adults for adults. Some of them, however, have the purpose to be educative, so the audience is not only adults (see here). Since it's a Wiki, anyone can edit or create any article that he/she wants. The articles are thusly written and maintained by hundreds of different people and are never the effort of a single person.

Where are the Articles?

The articles can be accessed in several ways. The WikiAfterDark Page has several sample articles for you to click on, sorted by rating, age, and most recently edited. The WikiAfterDark Page has categories for you to browse at the bottom of the page. The search box in the left column allows for easy article locating.

What is the Purpose of These Articles?

This is not a porn site or an adult erotic literature site. The purpose of these articles is to educate people about various adult topics utilizing the "How To" technique. The topics tend to be sexual, though not vulgar. Read our Policy to become more familiar with what our articles should and should not contain.

Are You Affiliated With

Yes. This site was a direct spin off of The Adult section there became so popular that we decided it deserved its own site.