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Looking to get that promotion you've been wanting? How about an A in that really tough accounting class? Well then, my dear, you need to learn the fine art of giving a blow job. Giving and receiving a blow job can be a fun and rewarding experience and if done improperly it can also be a painful one. If you are new to the game and looking to get started or if you're an old pro and just want to pick up a few pointers this guide will tell you all there is to know, so on your knees soldier, open your mouth and say "ahhh" as we learn the fine art of how to give a blow job.

History Of The Fellatio

Bill Clinton once lied about receiving a fellatio from Monica Lewinsky.

Don't make him beg

This is a small point but it is an important one to start off with. Unless it is part of the kinky game you play, don't make your partner beg for a blow job. When it comes to all things sexual unless you are doing something kinky things are always better if both parties seem into it. If your partner thinks that you are doing him a favor by going down on him and that you really do not want to be there it is going to be distracting and ultimately make the experience less enjoyable for them. Be spontaneous, be fun and be enthusiastic. Go down there on your own and your partner will have a much better time which is the whole reason your down there anyway, right?

Get the Party Started

The nice thing about guys is that there is nothing that needs to get wet and nothing that really needs time. When it comes to a woman you have to have the right amount of foreplay in order to get her wet enough to do anything fun or you risk hurting her. The point of this is that if you pull your guys pants down and discover that he is not at his tallest don't be afraid to jump right in and help it out. Odds are he'll be hard before you even get your mouth around him.

Start the blow job by taking the penis into your mouth. You don't have to go real far in to begin with, just taking the head in to start will allow you to adjust to having a penis in your mouth as well as get him at his fullest. If you want to tease him or play games now is the best time to do so.

Be a Tease

Part of the fun in receiving a blow job is the anticipation. The anxious feeling and then relief you feel at the beginning of a blow job can be as good as the end of it sometimes. A good way to build this anxious anticipation is by teasing him at the start. This is best done by playing with his penis and hinting at what is to come without actually giving it to him. Sliding your tongue up and down the shaft of his penis, occasionally rubbing against the head for a minute or two before hand can really do the trick. There is no real formula for this just be creative and unpredictable. Try licking his inner thigh a little or licking his balls sack a bit. To get the proper relief though make sure you have a big finish. So for example if you keep licking up and down his shaft on the final lick just keep going and then take his penis into your wet and warm mouth. If you manage to surprise him it'll be a real good way to start the show.

No Teeth

While your mouth is within a foot of his penis keep your teeth hidden at all times. This is the point that can ruin a blow job faster then anything else. Even if you suck (no pun intended) at giving a blow job as long as you keep your teeth away he'll still probably enjoy it. Bite marks can be fun when they are on your hand, arm, back, thigh, whatever, but trust me when I tell you that they will not be appreciated on the penis even if it is just to heighten the arousal.

The best way to avoid rubbing your teeth on his penis while you are blowing him is by wrapping your lips over your teeth. Even towards the end when your mouth gets tired it is of the highest importance that you keep your teeth covered, you don't want to do all that work for nothing, right? Don't worry if the inside of your mouth gets sore from being bitten - it will heal with practice, giving you even more versatility.

Everyone can use an extra hand

Alright, so you have teased him and covered your teeth now its time to get working. Take the penis into your mouth and begin sliding up and down taking it as far into your mouth as you can go. As you slide up and down try to keep his penis as wet as possible with your tongue, this will allow it to slide better. This is the point where a rhythmic pattern is better. Keep the same routine over and over again. A guy will orgasm best and fastest if you do the same up and down motion in a predictable fashion. Once you've been going for a minute or two increase tempo, this will help produce a better orgasm. What you do with your tongue is up to you. Odds are he will barely be able to feel whatever it is you do so just spend your time rubbing it on the most sensitive parts such as the tip.

Using your hand is a great way to increase the stimulation. Grab a hold of the bottom of the shaft and jerk him off in synch with your mouth. So when you go up move your hand up, when you go down move your hand down. By working more of the penis into the fun you will likely give him a harder orgasm. Feel free to use your other hand to play with his balls or finger his ass (this only works on some guys so ask before hand if its something they are into).

There She Blows

All good things must come to an end and the same is true for blow jobs. If you have done your job right at some point he will be filling your delicate mouth with his warm semen. At this point you will be faced with a couple of options, spit or swallow. Spitting is pretty self explanatory as is swallowing for that matter. Although it may seem gross, the easiest way to get his juice out of your mouth is to swallow it down as it comes out. This will keep it in your mouth for the shortest period of time and he'll almost certainly like it more.


Besides scraping up the man's tool, there are risks to giving blow jobs (as well as protection from them). Namely, sexually transmitted diseases. HIV (the virus which is believed to cause AIDS) has a much harder time infecting you through your mouth or throat. Brushing your teeth prior (or just after) giving a blow job, for example, will cause tiny cracks in your gums which the HIV virus can infect through. Giving a blowjob after eating certain crunchy foods is also a bad idea. Overall, however, it is extremely rare to contract HIV through oral sex alone.

  • Gonorrea and Chlamydia are two very common STDs which can be easily transmitted by giving a man a blow job. Contrary to popular belief, spitting his load will not greatly lower your risk of contracting either. While some people have experienced an irregular, thick mucus in their throats, most people do not notice any symtoms. If infected you can (and probobally will) spread it to anyone you give blow jobs to until the infection properly treated. The good news is that both are easily tested for and cured.
  • Hepatitis B can also be aquired by giving a man a blow job. It's symptoms are much like a bad flu (which lasts for around 6 months!), but the good news is that afterward most people become immune. There is also a vaccine for anyone who fears contracting it.
  • Herpes virus (which causes cold sores) can spread between either the giver or receiver of a blow job. It's nasty looking, painful, incurable, and may show no visible signs while being infectious.
  • Syphilis is a nasty micro-organism which can also spread by giving or receiving a blow job. It shows up as a hard sore on the infected part of the body and spreads through contact. Good news is that it's treatable, and the sooner the better, as a widespread infection can cause permanent damage to your vital organs.

Spitting instead of swallowing decreases your chances of contracting some STDs, while increasing others. Your best protection is wise selection of sexual partners. If he "gets around", you may want to think twice about going down on him, or at the very least, put a condom on him first.