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Create, Edit, and Learn from our Adult How To Articles!

Welcome to WikiAfterDark! Check out some of the most popular pages. The internet archive has a copy of the site from 2006 and the last copy available is December 22 2010 before the site went down. The backup is not available. The site was put back up and I transferred some of the articles over in March 2014. There was some problems with the host Digital Ocean, but in January 2015 I transferred the site to Linode. Hopefully the site will stay up now!

Please create new articles if you see them in the archive and they are not spam! To create an article you must be logged in. After logging in, type in the name of the article in the URL bar for instance Then click on the Create link. Once you create the page leave the user Andy a note on his page about the page you have submitted. Otherwise, the page may get deleted due to the massive amount of spam articles with external links being created by bots.

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